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Image by Matt Hardy

Mega-Yacht 80' WR80

The boat was a 75-foot yacht and was completely dismantled to do a complete refit with complete renovation of electrical and hydraulic installations and even the deck was completely removed and the interior of the boat was modified. The hull has also been altered to give greater stability. The result was a product with the characteristics of the most modern boats. The deck design was entrusted to Architect Raul Hanz. The verification of structures and systems engineering, as well as meeting the requirements of the Brazilian Navy, was the responsibility of Rinaldi Yacht Design. As it is a unique product, it has the exclusivity of its design with personalized accommodations and the entire operation of the boat is very reliable and comfortable.

Total Length: 23.67 m
Beam: 6.76 m
Point: 2.73 m
Draft: 1.3m
Displacement: 35 t
Fuel: 4700 L
Water: 1700 L
Crew: 2 people
Passengers: 6 people

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