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NX 370

The speedboat NX 370 is a 37-foot vessel designed to order by the Pernambuco shipyard NX Boats. The vessel does not need the aid of a sailor and is perfect for leisure time. It has a spacious internal area with bedroom, bathroom and kitchen and its construction is made of fiberglass, it also has a retractable cover to close the deck.

■ Comprimento: 10,95m
■ Boca: 3,22m
■ Calado: 0,60m
■ Capacidade de água doce: 250L
■ Capacidade de combustível: 600L
■ Casco: Fibra de Vidro
■ Lotação: 16 dia / 04 noite
■ Estaleiro: NX Boats:

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